How does buying and selling property in Albania work when you contact an agency?

There are so many agencies for selling and buying properties in Albania in recent years, but citizens still hesitate to trust an agency property, perhaps due to lack of information on how they operate.
Several years ago, when I had just started work at FF Immobiliare, my friends asked me what a real estate agency does? Very few of them have heard that there is an agency that does your job much easier.
If you are addressing a real estate agency to sell or rent your property, the agency will take care of the information being delivered, but also safeguarding your privacy.
If you want to buy a property, an FF Immobiliare agent will immediately understand what you need and work in order to find the right property for you, always having the client’s requirements and opportunities as a priority.
Think about it a little … days, weeks and months searching for your dream house, time spent walking in the streets of the city and things being even more difficult since you’ve seen so much.
All this can be avoided if we go to a real estate agency. You will gain time and above all you will be assured of your property documentation, because FF Imobiliare also take care of it.

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